Steve's Custom Home Pricing

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At Steve's Custom Homes, we feel that it is important that our clients have a true understanding of all building costs up front. Before we can build your new home we first need to help you build a well-calculated project budget! This part is free! You are the client and we include you in the pricing of your home. We need to know what items are important to you.

What is the average price per square foot to build a new home?

This is the number one question that we are asked. This can't honestly be answered without asking you many question about your new home project such as:

1. Building location
2. Site issues & conditions
3. Interior & exterior Finishes

Pricing can vary widely from town to town. We like to use the auto industry as a comparison. There is a car for everyone's needs and budget. Some people prefer to drive a Cadillac while others are happy and their needs are met driving a Chevy.

Steve's Custom Homes "stock" homes include more of the amenities that most people care about unlike most of our competitors who like to use this in the up sale / cost overrun to charge more money. Keep this in mind when you are comparing us to other builders. Here is some rough ballpark pricing so you can start figuring out what plan will meet your budget.

Ballpark Home Pricing

Below you will find some rough ballpark pricing for a good quality built home. Semi-Custom to us simply means that you can build your home mostly from our standard specifications without too much modification from the typical way we build.

Full Custom homes will most likely include an architect designed plans with lots of detail, complex roof lines, and would require an interior designer for the interior build out. This type of home requires a lot more planning and cost. Currently the national average to build a two-story home with builder grade quality material is $130 per square foot and more than likely does not include a garage or full basement.

We would strongly suggest that you start your planning at $130 sq. ft. for either a base ranch or colonial and these would not include a garage. Land is not included in this rough ballpark pricing.

Some additional rough square foot pricing based on projects estimated in 2016:

1. Floor Homes (Ranch style)$138 to $219 Price Per Square Foot

  • Basic Ranch with No Garage $140 sq. ft. to $160 sq. ft.
  • Up Graded Ranch with Garage $160 sq. ft. to $190 sq. ft.
  • Large Ranch with Garage $180 sq. ft. to $210 sq. ft.
  • Full Custom $210+ sq. ft.

2. Floor Homes (Colonial style)$137 to $191 Price Per Square Foot

  • Basic Box Colonial with No Garage $130 sq. ft. to $150 sq. ft.
  • Up Graded Colonial with Garage (unfinished bonus room) $155 sq. ft. to $190 sq. ft.
  • Large Colonial with Garage (finished bonus room) $150 sq. ft. to $200 sq. ft.
  • Full Custom $200+ sq. ft.

Cape designs will cost less per square foot than a Colonial design. When calculating your rough square foot numbers, only include the finished square footage of the house plan you are considering, and do not include the garage storage level.

The above rough square foot numbers include excavation, full foundation, underground power, sewer/water connections, insulation with cellulose, air sealing, solid core doors, ventilation, good quality flooring and kitchen allowances, good quality interior finish with window/door trim, 30 year architectural roofs, basements with rigid insulation.

You can most likely find builders advertising new home packages that appear to be less cost per square foot, most of the time the packages do not include enough money in the budget for things like kitchen/bath allowances, low flooring allowances or don't include sewer/water allowances, this makes me wonder what other corners might be cut to get their costs down?

You can help control the price of your home and the cost per square foot by choosing house designs that are not complex vs house designs that have lots of angles, bump outs. And if you build up vs. building out you can likely reduce your cost per square foot and get more square footage for your building dollar.

Also, you can further reduce your cost per square foot by choosing a house design that incorporates living space over your garage. Maximizing a garage and the incredible living space that can be gained from the room above it can give you a home with lots of square footage and a very reasonable cost per square foot. Same can be said for a basement but only if the basement becomes a key part of your plan for living space and ideally is a walkout or day light.