Reduce Your Home's Energy Consumption Drastically

Reduce Your Home's Energy Consumption Drastically

Build a net zero home in Turner, Lewiston & Brunswick, ME

If you want to reduce your total energy cost to zero, turn to Steve's Custom Homes, Inc. to build a net zero home.

Net zero homes are designed to be as energy efficient as possible by maximizing the use of on-site energy sources, including wind and solar energy. The buildings can either be connected to the grid or independent. The end result is a home that costs significantly less to operate, can be constructed quickly and is durable and draft-free.

Lower your carbon footprint with a net zero home from Steve's Custom Homes. Call 207-713-9090 now to schedule an appointment in Turner, Lewiston & Brunswick, ME.

Benefits of building a Net Zero home?

  • Reduced air conditioning needs in summer.
  • A more durable home, which means it will outlive standard homes and cost less to maintain.
  • No heat distribution system to operate, maintain and upgrade.
  • A home with a much greater resale value.
  • Better quality of life - Healthier air quality (lack of mold), natural light, thermal comfort.
  • Heat security - Almost every heat distribution system short of a woodstove relies on electricity to operate. The 1998 ice storm that hit northern U.S. states drove tens of thousands from their homes for lack of heat, and reminded us how our very survival depends on the electrical grid. In the event of an extended power outage.

In the long run a net zero home will cost less

With Energy Smart cost effective design and construction, the energy saving features and solar collectors for a Net zero home may add 5 to 10% over the cost of a similar sized code complaint home after incentives and rebates. Keeping in mind, the average monthly energy savings on the Net zero home will be significantly greater than the added monthly mortgage payment. Because of this savings, the total cost of ownership of a cost effective Net zero home will be less than that of a comparable code compliant home, creating positive cash flow from day one.

The average energy efficient home takes 6 to 8 months to complete

Depending on the size finishes and complexity of design details. This time frame does not include design and permitting proses. However if completion time needs to be expedited for whatever reason Steve's Custom Homes, Inc. have several building methods to speed building and completion times.

If your new home project requires financing

The most important factor when looking for a financial lender to finance your new home project is find one that has a true understanding of how a energy efficient home works and the added value it carries. Steve's Custom Homes has worked with many lenders and would be happy to recommend A few for you to pick from. In most cases construction funding that rolls into an end mortgage works the best.